Audition Information 

All State Band (ASB)


Auditions will be October 21, 2018 from 9-12 at Ovid-Elsie High School. The address is: 8989 Colony Rd., Elsie, MI 48831.

New this year we will be holding try-outs at a second location. Students can aslo audition at: Pine River High School, 17445 Pine River Rd., Leroy, MI 49655. Same date and time: October 22 at 9 a.m. till 12:00 noon.

Who is Eligible to Audition?

Michigan students currently in grades 8th through college sophmore  and members of their high school band are eligible to audition. Any Michigan student who is home schooled but participates in a band program or is currently taking private lessons may also audition.  Performers may audition on any marching band wind instrument or percussion instrument. Performers may also audition for color guard or dance positions.

Important Information about Auditions

Students on wind instruments will prepare an etude that will be provided when their application is received and a chromatic scale. Students will also perform the concert Ab, Eb, Bb, F and C major scales. Sight-reading may be administered. Taped auditions are permitted. To downlaod etudes, click on the links below:


Percussion auditions will consist of a prepared etude supplied by our percussion instructor, rudiments as appropriate, and sight-reading. It is imperative that students auditioning on percussion try out in person.

Visual/Dance ensemble applicants will be taught short routines and evaluated on the basis of how well they are able to learn them. It’s recommended that students who audition for visual ensemble have a background in color guard, but it is not mandatory. Students auditioning for the visual ensemble must try out in person.


The band staff is seeking a broad range of performance levels. This is not an honors band, and they are seeking individuals at all playing levels. Applicants should not feel threatened by the audition process.